Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best Underwear For Wedgie What Is The Best And Strongest Underwear For A Hanging Wedgie So That It Won't Break For A Couple Hours?

What is the best and strongest underwear for a hanging wedgie so that it won't break for a couple hours? - best underwear for wedgie

I still have my underwear! hanging wedgie when I see torn underwear after a while. I want to know what is the best type or brand of underwear, without tearing, down, if I'm hanging a wedgie.


  1. I've heard, Hanes and Fruit of the Loom is very strong.

  2. Not sure what type of underwear, but I can help you in the type of wedgie, try a tennis ball in the back of the lingerie tied a rope to a rope to keep him hanging by his necktie object should work if the dose does not jeans and a belt to attach the rope to the front of the buckle of his belt, then wipe the inside of the jeans and take the pieces are connected to the chain must be considered as if with a queue that is bound and prepared for execution.

    Note: If your child you want to avoid the second idea in May

  3. Not able to find, such as underwear, unless you are willing to settle with the Boxers, I doubt you will find to your satisfaction. Go buy Speedo boys.

  4. Leather Clothing

    XXXXXL or underwear.

  5. I do not dare to ask why you need a CO?